My not too many words

March 28, 2010

Monday: Uni. Ex love. Over it. Grateful for current love.

Tuesday: Clean, work, rinse, repeat.

Wednesday: Therapy. Compromise, security. Also: unhealthy influences. Glasses! Smooth night at work.

Thursday: Library, lunch with him, procrastination. Productive night at wo. Dinner and Lost. Love ❤

Friday: Worst presentation ever. Work. Drunken boyfriend. Frustration.

Saturday: Be vewwwwy quiet…I’m hunting zombies. Passion & honesty.More work, less career.

Sunday: Still lying in the smell of our sex. To come: lunch with judgemental family & Alzheimer’s ridden grandmother. Then work.

*in other words, I can’t be fucked writing a real entry right now. It’s been a good week.


One Response to “My not too many words”

  1. Sarah Hannah said

    your sunday lunch date is going to be my monday night dinner. dreading.

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