too lazy for actual content

April 8, 2010

I’ve been pretty lazy about updating, mostly because I’ve been pretty lazy in general. It’s mid semester break and I haven’t opened a textbook. Plus I’m pretty sick, have been intermittadely losing my voice and feel like hell. So fuck writing. If I’m not in the mood, I’m not in the mood.

Right at this moment I’m watching Flight of the Conchords.
“I thought you were cute when I was drunk”
Story of my life!

Aaaand…. I’m rooted. I actually had some stuff I’d scribbled down that I want to write about. Important things like politics and forcing weather women to get hair extensions! But I just cannot be fucked forming real coherent thoughts right now so let’s make some lists.


1. Antichrist . Oh man. This movie fucked me up! For the first time EVER, I didn’t want to have sex with my boyfriend that night. We usually kind of sleep all cuddled together, but that night we slept on completely opposite sides of the bed. It was horrific and completely wrenched something out of me that I’m still kind of recovering from… it was also beautiful, fucking stellar cinematography and acting.

2. Jennifer’s Body Meh meh meh. Trashy fun, but not THAT fun. I really have nothing to say about this… I guess it wasn’t terrible. Just completely mediocre.

3. Moon This movie had been talked up to me so much that I’m not quite sure what I was expecting… but that wasn’t it. It wasn’t a bad movie, in fact it was quite good, just a victim of raised expectations I guess. Sam Rockwell basically carried this movie as a monologue and he’s pretty awesome in it. It’s probably a movie I could’ve given a 7.5-8, but the movie I was expecting was amazing, and this honestly wasn’t.

4. Up If nothing else, this movie should be watched for the first 10 minutes. Beautiful!

5. 9 All style, no substance. Should’ve tried aiming at ONE audience only, maybe it would’ve had something to it then, but as it stands… be a kid’s movie  OR an adult’s movie if you’re not clever enough to be both, you know?


I think I met one of these band members in Berlin. It was somewhere in Europe anyway, and Berlin was where I hung out with that Turkish chick and her friends that one night so… let’s assume Berlin. I haven’t listened to their new EP all the way through, but I like what I’ve heard so far. Actually, I think I will go upstairs and listen to it in full and try and sleep now.

misc links

The Muppet Wicker Man
The Wicker Man is in my top 5 movies of all time! (The original, NOT the Nicholas Cage 2006 PIECE OF SHIT REMAKE). And this is  awesome! If it ever gets made, I will be very happy in my pants indeed!

I used to follow televisionwithoutpity religiously, but this site has some of the best recaps ever. The Lost ones in particular are fucking hilarity on a stick! Also, Project Runway and Next Top Model. But Lost is the best!

That’s What She Said Stories
Because I am a 15 year old boy/Michael Scott and truly believe that Facebook needs a “that’s what she said” button. It drives a lot of people crazy.


One Response to “too lazy for actual content”

  1. Sarah Hannah said

    I cried during those 10minutes of Up. seriously.

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